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Delve into Scotland’s rich past and visit some of the world’s most iconic castles. Let us design the tour, handle the accommodation and provide a quality chauffeur service

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Our friendly chauffeur drivers are on hand throughout the tour to answer any historical or cultural questions.

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Not only will you see stunning castles but our tours encapsulate great scenery, accommodation and dining.

Chauffeuring For Castle Tours

Scotland is entrenched in history and medieval castles play an important role in Scotland’s history and landscape. At one point there was nearly 3000 castles in Scotland and many still remain to this day. To truly look into the past and re-visit Scotland’s rich history a castle tour is essential. For the last three decades our veteran drivers have carried out Scottish castles tours that have captivated the imagination of eager tourists and helped them delve deep into Scotland’s history.

At Scottish Luxury Tours, we are not just a chauffeur service but a complete tour operator. From planning the initial tour itinerary to booking luxury accommodation and supplying knowledgeable tour guides and drivers, we make sure your castle tour exceeds your expectations. Our luxurious and constantly renewed fleet means you will be touring to and from each castle in style and comfort.  Our fleet includes but is not limited to

  • Mercedes V, E, S ( up to 8 people)
  • BMW 5 Series
  • BMW X6 Series
  • Range Rover Evoque,
  • Range Rover Autobiography
  • Ranger Rover Sport

Scotland’s Castles

The first castles in Scotland were seen in the 11th and 12th century and reflected Anglo-Norman designs. The initial motte and baily castles were superseded by stone built castles in the 1200’s and by the late 17 century these were replaced by tower houses, favoured by rich landowners. Our castle tours weave through history and we can take you to castles from all the different eras. Although there are many outstanding castles both from an architectural and visual perspective we have listed our favourite castles below.

Balmoral Castle

Based in Royal Deeside, Balmoral castle was Queen Victoria’s Scottish retreat and to this very day the Royal Family still reside there. When the castle is not in residence it is open to the general public and one can explore the exquisite ballroom and immaculate gardens.

Cawder Castle

Situated in Nairnshire this enchanting castle was the fictional manner for the Thane Of Cawdor in the world acclaimed theatrical play Macbeth. The stunning gardens and fairy tale aura makes this one of Scotlands most visited castles.

Blair Castle

This white walled beauty is based in Perthshire and is steeped in history. The pristine River Garry meanders around the castles grounds and it is also the base for Britain’s last private army.

Inveraray  Castle

Famously occupied by the Duke Of Argyll the view looks over Loch Fyne and encapsulates 18th century neoclassical design. Explore the stunning grounds and elegant drawing room.

Dunnottar Castle

Located three miles away from Stone Heaven, this rocky ruin looks over the swirling Atlantic ocean and is a true testament to medieval architecture. If you are in the North East of Scotland this is defiantly worth a trip.